About o z x bakes

There is a new dimension of music being orchestrated in town; the ninth dimension! The orchestrators are none other than O Z who is a producer and DJ and BAKES who is a lyrist/rapper. These inimitable champions all hail from San Diego, CA and they didn’t come to play-they outrightly mean business and they are slowly but surely set to take over the music industry with their dynamic and exceedingly exceptional style of innovation and improvisation that is set to propel them through the staircase of success; one production at a time!

Photography: Scott the Dreamer

Styling: tradinglooks.com, Georgie @ Scotch & Soda


DJ/ Producer

O Z is a certified DJ/Producer who possesses a voracious passion for electronic dance that is fueled by his love for both music and technology. He has been making melodically transcendental souvenirs that break the boundaries present in EDM and house sound, proving that you really don’t have to conform to restrictions in order to be identified in a certain musical field.


Lyricist/ Rapper

Bakes is a Bay Area-grown, San Diego-based lyrical genius with prowess as a witty and prolific songwriter. Crafting optimistic, introspective, and intelligent rhymes set him apart from other artists as his versatile style allows him to explore a wide range of subjects and topics in songs. Audiences say Bakes reminds them of a young Nas with his lyricism and poetic wording. The highly anticipated OXB releases blend his hip-hop genre and lyricism with electronic/ Tech House production from O Z.